Monday, January 16, 2012


The storm blew in and the snow fell. Liam stared out the window watching the white flakes fall and create a beautiful white blanket in the yard. He asked over and over to go "OUTSIDE, Peas Mommy, Outside". Obviously it was too cold at the time but you try explaining that to a 22 month old.

Saturday my husband went hunting and Liam and I watched Lion King and Shrek and did laundry. I was in between loads, surfing facebook and "liking" everyone's kids-in-snow-pictures and it dawned on me to get off the couch, bundle Liam up and venture out to play in the untouched snow and capture my own memories.

 He LOVED it...after he realized he had to leave his gloves on of course. Some people talked about their little ones seeing the snow for the first time and not being too sure about it. Not Liam he stood there, looked around and started kicking the snow and riding his John Deere Gator (toy version of course...we're not made of money) around the yard. He chased the dog around and discovered the joy of throwing himself in to the snow. What an amazing day we had. I loved every second of it and seeing that joy in his face is a memory I'll treasure forever. And I'll always have the pictures to look back at!

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