Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kewanee IL Photographer | Alison & Jeff

Congratulations Alison & Jeff! These two will be getting married in just a few short weeks and I wish them nothing but a lifetime full of Happiness! This amazingly lucky couple were the first recipients of an Erin Stevenson Photography Gift Card! I don't know which made me more excited: the fact that the purchaser of the gift card is herself a photographer and thought of lil ole me or the fact that I got to make and sell a gift card! I know total nerd alert. I'm a little off topic now so I'll bring it back to Alison and Jeff. They were fun to work with. She told me he doesn't like pictures.....typical man ;) But every time I asked him to look at her or I caught him looking at her he was totally enamored. So so sweet. Base on that alone, I think they have a very happy future ahead of them. Thank you both and Best of Luck!!!

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